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Chabad has an incredible lineup of weekly and daily stimulating and satiating classes to offer students. Bringing Judaism alive and relevant to the twenty first century college student.

Please check out our list of opportunities. If you have a specific topic or text you want to explore, don't hesitate to reach out.

1) Jewish Life Cycles:

This class explores the special ceremonies and celebrations that mark important stages in a Jewish person's journey through life. This includes occasions such as Bris (circumcision), Bar Mitzvah, Bat

Mitzvah, marriage, happiness and mourning.

2) Inner Dimensions of the Parsha:

In this class, students analyze the Parsha through the eyes of Kabbala and Chassidut. It is fascinating to uncover the layers of meaning within each week's Torah portion and to apply the deep lessons to our own lives.

3) Wednesdays - Lunch & Inspire -

Food will be served. Each week will include a short inspirational thought or creative activity.

4) Pirkei Avot - Ethics of our Fathers:

This interactive class on Pirkei Avot, the archetypal book on Jewish ethics composed 2,000 years ago, explores how relevant and enlightening those words are today. Students share their life experiences and measure them against these ancient words of wisdom. Topics include typologies, societal norms, true love, women and the Jewish home.

5) Talmud:

This class introduces the student to the methodology, terminology, logic and basic structure of the Talmud. In this class students learn the skills to independently be able to decipher a Talmudic passage. The method used in this class is the “SQAP” (Statement – Question – Answer – Proof) method.

6) Read it in Hebrew:

Learn to read Hebrew in just 5 weeks with this new highly rated course by the Jewish Learning Institute.

7) Sinai Scholars: Revolutionary Ideas Judaism Introduced to the World

The Sinai Scholars Society is a national program, reaching universities all over the country. This incredible, comprehensive, and thought-provoking course focuses on Jewish values through the lens of the Commandments. Class includes textual study, field trips, formal graduation, alumni benefits, and a stipend upon completion of course requirements. email us for more information.

8) Coffee with the Rabbi or Rebbetzin:

Schedule a meeting with the Rabbi anytime. Available for individual study as well as anything else you may want to discuss.

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