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Chabad at Miami University is dedicated to providing every student regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish life on campus. Chabad serves individuals looking for an anchor and non-judgmental, accepting, personalized Jewish experience.

Students come to the Chabad House for…

• A bowl of homemade chicken soup, fresh baked challah and camaraderie at weekly Shabbat dinners.

• The myriad classes offered – from Hebrew to Bible, from Mysticism to advanced Talmud, or simply to ask serious questions about Judaism.

• Social action projects – clothing drives for the homeless, blood drives for the sick, rebuilding hurricane–ravaged communities.

• A place to socialize and relax with other Jewish students with activities including kosher cooking, spa night, concerts, skiing, paintball, Jewish women’s cabaret, Kabbalates and athletics.

• Crucial leadership experience through our affiliated student groups.

• A discreet, sympathetic ear, a warm heart, a smile and a hug, and appropriate guidance or referrals when needed.

• Religious services and much more!

Although students are our primary focus, we also strive to serve the Jewish needs of faculty and staff.

In 1969, the first campus Chabad House was established at UCLA. Since then, Chabad-Lubavitch has established Jewish centers in over 250 campuses all across America and around the world, bringing the beauty of our heritage and offering a “home away from home” to thousands of Jewish students regardless of background, level of observance or affiliation.  

Because the job of a Chabad House is to love, not to judge; to teach, not to dictate; to welcome, not to exclude — today there are tens of thousands of committed and caring young Jews all across America and around the world whose positive Jewish identity was shaped at a Chabad House during the critical college years.

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